hidden gps tracking device has been applied more and more widely, and more and more people use it at the same time, there are many "rumors" or cognitive misunderstandings about hidden gps tracking device on the market. Today Xiaobian will come and you take stock of those who are believed to be true rumors.

Myth # 1: GPS can be located anytime, anywhere.

The hidden gps tracking device does not have a signal everywhere, and there are a lot of interference factors that can affect the device's satellite search when the signal is insufficient. Visible, such as a tree on the side of the road, invisible, such as radio waves, which will affect the normal signal search of hidden gps tracking device.

Now many companies are coming up with ways to try to solve this problem. For example, GPS and LBS positioning exist at the same time. If there is no GPS signal, LBS positioning is enabled. However, the world is so big that there will always be places where neither signal is available.

Myth 2: The hidden gps tracking device signal graph is the perfect way to show how good the device signal is

When we buy hidden gps tracking device offline, many merchants will explain the signal quality of this device to you through the device information displayed on the computer platform or APP. Indeed, in this way it can be used as a basis for judgment, but it is not absolute. Moreover, there are many businesses that will make this signal data look more convincing through some modification software.

So don't buy too much believe in this statement, to have their own judgment, from other aspects to choose.

Myth # 3: There are many hidden gps tracking devices that enable indoor positioning

The hidden gps tracking device's signal search can be affected by a number of things, from small trees to large radio waves, and one is the skyscraper in our daily life. Inside, also inside the building. Because these buildings are shielded by concrete and steel, there is no way for the signal to penetrate. The signal can be received indoors unless you stand by a window and let the device pick up the signal from an open area outside the window. Indoors, the signals we see that can be received come from LBS base stations or WiFi positioning. Each of the three positioning methods has its own advantages and disadvantages, and there is no way to change their original characteristics according to the current technology.

Therefore, indoor, if there is WIFI, WIFI positioning is the best choice. If not, try to leave the building and park in an open area.

Myth # 4: It is now possible to hide gps tracking devices without inserting cards

This is the biggest rumor, and we have specialized in popular science before. The so-called free card locator is not not inserted card, but the manufacturer built the card into the device according to demand. Without the card, the device has no signal, there is no way to signal transmission. And if the card locator fails, the later repair is also very challenging, for the owner, it will greatly affect the daily experience.

The card is inserted to obtain signals, transmit data and save data. Free card, seemingly convenient, later when there is a problem, it will be a hundred times more trouble, try not to covet the convenience of the moment.

In short, when buying a hidden gps tracking device, don't just consider one factor, do your homework in advance. It is best to choose big brands for cooperation, professional service personnel will tell you the right style before buying, and later protection is also comprehensive.

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