The first service object of hospitals is patients, so patients should feel that they are respected and valued. In order to enable patients to come to hospitals in a good, comfortable and pleasant treatment environment, what should be considered in our service concept and digital signage for hospitals?

First, the visibility of the sign, whether the contrast between the text and the background color is obvious or not, whether the position height is appropriate, the font is beautiful, the size is just right, and so on.

Second, the transmission of the sign plate, from the process of patients receiving medical services to fully take into account the transmission of the sign plate, install and place the necessary sign plate in all patients feel this confused position, so that the front sign plate function can be passed on to achieve the relay of the sign plate.

Third, the artistry of the design, the visual image of digital signage for hospitals has an impact on patients, providing service tools for patients, and its artistry must be fully considered in the design.

Fourth, the safety of the position, to fully consider whether the logo is prone to fall and cause damage to many people, whether the water horn is sudden, easy to bump into past personnel and other problems, to eliminate security risks to the maximum extent.

Fifth, the adjustability of the sign plate, the sign plate as much as possible to use some of the materials that can be used repeatedly, mainly to prevent the layout has been adjusted, after the original function changes, it can still be very effective for the hospital to save money.

Sixth, the standardization of design, digital signage for hospitals design must pay attention to the standardization of its text and graphics.

digital signage for hospitals