As the eighth most common type of Pokemon, Poison-type Pokemon is not particularly difficult to find in any of the games. If you feel it hard, you can choose Buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon from PKMBuy. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, about 7% of the 400 Pokemon available in the game are Poison-type, which means it is not difficult to become a Poison-type trainer. Here are three of the best areas to find the  Poison-type.

Route 3 
Route 3 is the route connecting Motostoke and Galar Mine. It is one of the earlier areas in the game. Because of this, Route 3 is a great place for some pre-evolved Pokemon. One of the Poison-type Pokemon that can be encountered in this area is Stunky, who is a poison/dark dual-type introduced by the fourth generation. Stunky has a 10% chance to appear​​ and can evolve into Skuntank at level 34.

Another Poison-type that may be encountered in this area is Trubbish, which has a small chance of appearing in the grass. Originally from the fifth generation, Trubbish can evolve to Garbodor at level 36. 

Giant hat
At the northern part of the Wild Area, The Giant's Cap is located between Hammerlocke Hills and Stony Wilderness. If the player has a Pokemon Shield, this area is particularly suitable for acquiring Poison-type Pokémon, because Croagunk is a possible visible encounter. Croagunk is a Poison/Fighting dual type that evolved from the IV generation to Toxicroak. In Pokemon Shield, there is a 5% chance of appearing on a sunny day and a 35% chance of appearing on a cloudy day.​​ 
Even if the player does not have a Pokemon Shield, there are other great Poison-types in this area. In clear weather, Stunky has a 10% chance of appearing again​​. However, the most important Pokemon in this area is Gengar, which is the first-generation ghost/poison dual type and the final form of Gastly. In most weather conditions, Gengar will wander around the area. If the player doesn't want to deal with the transaction, then catching one here is the best choice. 
Motostoke Outskirts
As the connecting area between Motostoke and Galar Mine No. 2, if the player has a Pokemon Shield, Motostoke Outskirts has two Poison-types for the player to choose from. Salandit is a Poison/Fire dual-type from the seventh generation. It has a 5% chance of being encountered in this area of the Pokemon Shield. Croagunk also has a 35% chance of appearing here. 

Although this area is better in Pokemon Shield, players in both versions can still visit this area to get Koffing, and it has a 15% chance of becoming a visible encounter. 

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