With a brand new season of the Rocket League Championship Series comes an all-new set of Rocket League fan rewards. TheseRL Items  flashy cosmetics can handiest be received as a drop with the aid of linking your Twitch and Rocket League bills and tuning into legitimate esports streams. February 10’s Collegiate Rocket League move marks the first time those new cosmetics could be available, however fan rewards are lively on every legit RLCS, RLRS, and CRL stream during the season.

This season’s rewards variety from a vintage-looking Fennec sticker to an “Airhead” player name, and Psyonix left an Easter egg for diehard Rocket League esports fanatics: the “Statesman” participant banner.

Most Rocket League lovers might understandably be puzzled by a whiteboard with a marker writing the quantity 51. However, individuals who watched final yr’s inaugural Rocket League Summit would possibly recognize theBuy Rocket League Items  photograph from one of the occasion’s funniest motion pictures: NRG’s U.S. Citizenship Test.