There are various skill trees in New World, and the advantages and disadvantages of each skill tree and the method of use are different. Today, I will introduce you to the gameplay and functions of the Mauler Tree.

Except for some specific skills in PvE, the usage rate of The Tree is very high. And Mauler Tree can provide players with a lot of AOE in PvE and can cause huge damage. Whirlwind, Maelstrom and Gravity Well are the three skills of this tree.

Whirlwind can gain abilities by spinning when connected to an enemy, and it can spin up to four times (up to seven times when leveling up).

Maelstrom is a pulling skill similar to Reap, but its scope of action is very small, and it does not act in a straight line. It is often used in PvE, and it can effectively reduce the problem of pulling enemies to you, so you can get more New World Coins enemies within your attack range, so as to maximize the AoE damage caused by Whirlwind. The last Gravity Well is one of the most powerful ways to group or fix enemies in place.

When Great Axe is paired with a combination of Whirlwind and Maelstrom, great power can be obtained in PvE, but there are many one-handed weapons that are slower and have stronger attack power than it. Gravity Well is very useful in PvP, because it can hold players and cannot move, or force them to use defensive skills so that these skills enter the cooldown.

Mauler's Fury is the ultimate skill of Mauler Tree. It can increase your own damage by 3% every time you attack an enemy, and it lasts for 3 seconds. This skill can stack up to 30% damage under your constant attack. But the duration of this Buff is relatively short, and to achieve full stacking, this requires the player to hit very high, so in many cases, as long as you miss an RPG New World Coins ability or attack, this stacking damage will be greatly reduced.

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