Now players are welcoming the arrival of the second phase of the TBC Classic in World of Warcraft, and the first season of the PvP arena is also coming to an end.

Although the second season of the arena will not start until the region resets every week from September 14th, the first season of the arena will end one week earlier, giving players a one-week offseason. Depending on your region, the first season of TBC Classic Arena will end on September 7th after the normal weekly reset. For European servers, this season will end on September 8th after weekly resets in the region.

Although the first season of the Arena lasted until the release of the Dark Temple, Blizzard’s developers believe that the nature of TBC Classic is such that players hope there is a slightly different approach this time. Blizzard has expressed its willingness to change the status quo by postponing the release of the fifth layer of Assault, Viper Temple, and Storm Fortress (relative to the way they were originally released).

The beginning of the second season will be released at the same time as the release of the second phase of the content in TBC, which will include these two five-level raids. After the end of the first season of the arena, players can still use the remaining arena points until the start of the second season. The first season of Gladiator equipment will also be discounted to prepare for the new season.

Once the second season begins, any arena points a player has will be converted into honor. Players will receive 10 points of honor for each arena point that players have at the beginning of the second season. Players who want Cheap Classic TBC Gold can get it on MMOSO.

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