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Diagonals Of a Polygon

One of the most common questions in any Dissertation help involves polygons, where teachers might ask students to find how many diagonals a specific convex polygon has. For example, Pentagon, Hexagon, Rectangles etc., are all convex polygons as it is impossible to draw an external diagonal in case of any of these shapes.

Let us consider a polygon of sides and, thus, n vertices.

  1. Each of the nvertices can be connected to (n-3) other vertices with the diagonals. Moreover, a vertex can be connected to any other vertex other than itself and the ones on its sides. Thus, there are [n* (n-3)] lines that can be drawn as diagonals.


  1. The actual number ishalf of [n**n-3)] as in the above point, we considered drawing from both endpoints of a diagonal.


  1. So, the formula for the number of diagonals in an n-sided polygon is [n*(n-3)/2].


Triangles And Their Features

Take note of the following points for your geography homework helpThey can help you solve tricky sums of triangles with ease.


  1. The line which divides any angle into two equal parts is the angle bisector.


  1. The meeting point of all angle bisectors is called the in-centre. The in-centre is the centre of the in-circle of a triangle.


  1. The in-centre Iis equidistant from all sides of a triangle.


  1. If is the in-centre of the triangle above, then angleBIC=90 deg + (angle A/2).


  1. The semi-parameter of a triangle is s= (a+b+c) /2, where aband c are the sides of the triangle.


  1. The height of a triangle is h= [2*sqr t(s*s-a*s-b*s-c)]/c.


  1. The length of the median is given by m=0.5 * sqrt (2a+ 2b+-c2)


Congruency in Triangles

Two triangles are congruent to each other if all the sides of one triangle are equal to the corresponding sides of the other. It also follows that all complementary angles are similar to each other.

There are five congruency rules in triangles: Side-Angle-Side, Angle-Side-Angle, Angle-Angle-Side, Side-Side-Side & Side-Side-Angle.

By definition, if the respective sides and angles of corresponding triangles are equal, the triangles are congruent.

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