Although Aloy's character in the game is like an outsider, as a cross-border character, her integration is very high. At present, she does not have Genshin Impact Accounts the constellation upgrade ability that Genshin protagonist has. In addition, she does not have a favorite furniture set like other recruitable characters.

In addition, as an ice bow user, Aloy does not have Cryo Vision, which is also very strange. And every character in Genshin Impact is chosen by the gods, and this is their vision. The protagonists, as an outsider who lacks vision, will also be blessed by the executive officer. Aloy can use her Predator bow and ice grenade in elemental attacks very well.

Fans of Aloy's legend Horizon Zero Dawn don't need to Genshin Impact Account Buy worry too much. Because her voice lines and reference materials are particularly faithful to her own games. Although she is very fond of the old world, it is a very dangerous place. However, the early production of Horizon Zero Dawn was very rough. In the game, Aloy doesn't need to hide too much, because her teammates will give her a shield or heal her when she is injured.

As a new five-star character of Genshin Impact, Aloy is loved by a wide range of players, but because she is available for free, her abilities may not be as powerful as those five-star characters that need to be drawn through card packs. Therefore, it is not enough for players to have her alone, and other five-star characters are also needed for matching. Then you can follow MMOWTS, here are the things you want, you only need to purchase Genshin Impact Accounts to get other five-star characters.