Star Seeds is a currency that allows you to do a variety of things such as: used to quickly travel to teleposts scattered around the world, instantly resurrect your character in a Near Death situation, and to transact items from other players Marketplace and the Limited-Time Merchant.

Take Advantage of Star Seed Boosters

Star Seed boosters can be bought from the Lumena Shop or marketplace and can also be purchased by using Star Seeds. You might be thinking “Why should I sell my seeds in the game when I’m trying to sell them for cash?” This is due to the long-term advantage that these Star Seed boosters have. These boosters cost a lot, but they’ll increase your daily exchange rate for Star Seeds by 40% for 30 days. You can also use Lumena to buy Star Seed boosters, but since it’s a premium currency, it’s hard to save up a ton of it. Whatever currency that you choose to buy Star Seed boosters, it’ll be worth it thanks to how large the increased rate of your exchange will be. You can use those 30 days to get even more Star Seeds than usual on top of getting all of the Star Seeds that you spent for the said booster in just a few days.

Cloth Scraps & Carzacor Treasure Map Fragments

It would be helpful if you had a friend with you throughout this process. If you are solo just pick an area of effect type attacker such as the Crusader or Barbarian because you may need to lead a mob into a cluster to easily cull them for loot.

A staple technique for an MMO veteran, body pulling as they call it but you can go without it as well but the exclusion of this class may slow the process down.

The Cloth Scrap sells for 40 Star Seeds per piece whilst the Carcazor Map Fragments sell for about 110 star seed per fragment (marketplace prices may vary but it is suggested that you list the fragments above the 100 mark).

Travel to Ancient Amphitheater to find clusters of Ferocious Mushrooms who are fighting against Footpads.

What you need to do is simply gather a group of these enemies and eradicate them to acquire different types of loot which will include mushroom caps, gear, potions, cloth scraps and treasure map fragments.

But if you don’t want the mushroom caps simply travel a bit further until you spot roaming bandits. The rate of cloth scrap dropped will be much higher than the mushroom enemies albeit, the rate of Carcazor treasure map fragments will be the same.

Keep in mind that you can sell the extra item(s) such as unbinding scrolls and gears on the marketplace for Starseeds as well.

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