In the expansive world of Diablo 4, engaging with World Bosses has emerged as a pivotal and thrilling end-game activity. These formidable foes appear at set intervals, offering players the chance to band together and vanquish them for a chance at acquiring rare and valuable loot. Among these titans, Avarice the Gold Cursed stands out as a particularly challenging adversary. This guide will provide you with essential insights into his attack patterns, weaknesses, and the preparation necessary for a successful encounter.

Tackling Avarice The Gold Cursed

Engaging a World Boss like Avarice in Diablo 4 (D4) requires a strategic mix of careful preparation and timely participation to secure your share of D4 Gold and other rewards. You wouldn't want to miss out on the battle by arriving late, nor would you want to face such a formidable threat unprepared. To tackle this gilded behemoth effectively and enhance your chances of obtaining valuable Diablo 4 Items and Gold, here's the essential information you'll need.

What are Avarice's Attacks

Avarice does not conform to a single elemental damage type, making him unpredictable. His arsenal includes laying down mines that detonate with fire damage, wielding his mace for physical damage, and creating poisonous gold pools. Equip gear with broad elemental resistance, particularly a ring that offers resistance to all elements, to improve your survivability. Additionally, an Elixir of Acrobatics can enhance your agility, making it easier to evade Avarice's attacks.

Avarice's appearances are not random; he manifests in one of the designated Boss Arenas scattered across Sanctuary, following a hidden schedule that becomes visible on the map 30 minutes prior to his arrival. This visibility, however, is contingent upon having completed the main campaign. The portal from which Avarice emerges is marked by golden lightning, signaling his impending arrival.

Solo attempts against Avarice are ill-advised due to his substantial health pool and the event’s strict time limit. The optimal group size is between 10 to 15 players. While the event does not scale down for smaller groups, larger groups may find the encounter more challenging due to the boss's scaling health and damage.

How to Combat Avarice The Gold Cursed

Avarice's battle mechanics are multifaceted, featuring a stagger bar alongside his health bar, and a unique mechanic for when he is staggered. Players are allotted 15 minutes to defeat him, or the event will be deemed a failure.

Phase-Based Health and Stagger Mechanics

Avarice’s health is segmented into three phases, each increasing his aggression and attack speed. Unlike regular foes, World Bosses like Avarice are resistant to standard crowd control effects. Instead, they possess a stagger bar that, when filled, briefly halts their attack pattern, granting players a window to deal significant damage. When Avarice is staggered, he summons two durable Treasure Goblins, presenting a tempting choice between pursuing them or focusing on the boss.

Navigating Avarices Abilities

Avarice cycles through a variety of attacks, from deadly spins with his treasure chest to creating hazardous environments with his golden abilities. Here’s a breakdown of his primary attacks and strategies to dodge them:

- Spin Attack: Avoid this by staying close to him or outside the chest's range.

- Portal Charge: Watch for the direction of the second portal to anticipate and evade his charge.

- Pillars of Gold: Move away from the pillars as soon as they appear to avoid subsequent explosions.

- Mallet Thrust: Dodge this quick attack by moving behind Avarice during his wind-up.

- Golden Vomit: Steer clear of the damaging pools of gold that appear in the arena’s later phases.

- Ground Stomp: Although difficult to avoid, this attack does minimal damage and can generally be withstood.

Loot Expectations

Defeating Avarice not only grants players an abundance of loot directly but also allows for additional rewards by attacking the giant Treasure Chest he carries. Successful groups, especially those managing to defeat any summoned Treasure Goblins, can reap a bounty of legendary items, gold, experience, and crafting materials.

Successfully overcoming Avarice the Gold Cursed in Diablo 4 demands a blend of tactical preparation, teamwork, and on-the-fly adaptability. Understanding his attack patterns and coordinating effectively are key to defeating this golden menace. For players looking to enhance their experience or gear up for such a challenge, one option is to Buy Diablo 4 Items and gold at This can provide the resources needed to claim the rich rewards Avarice guards, ensuring you're well-equipped to take on this formidable foe and succeed in your quest.