There are some people who are natural born essay writers and most of them will likely be able to write a compare and contrast essay without much trouble. What about the rest of us though?  There are also a lot of people who are not so good at expressing themselves in writing. If you are one of those people who are perennially challenged when it comes to academic writing and you have difficulty formulating your ideas and putting them into words, here are some tips from the "accounting home work help" company you in writing your compare and contrast essay.

  1. Identifying The Similarities and Differences Of Your Subject

A compare and contrast essay is a form of academic writing that shows a comparison of two or more ideas. When comparing your subject, you will need to identify and review the points of similarities and differences between them. You need to write a detailed description of the items that you are comparing and point out why they are similar in some aspects and why they are also different in others. For instance, if the subject of your essay is politics and religion, you might want to say that politics and religion are the same in the sense that they both involve structures and rules. On the other hand, when contrasting the two subjects, you might want to say that where religion revolves around the teachings of moral values, politics is more concerned with societal structures and policies.

  1. Stating Your Thesis

Since you are writing an academic paper, you will need to clearly state your thesis. Make sure that you clearly indicate your subject matter and what will be the focus of your discussion. Always remember that a clear and concise thesis is very important when you are writing an academic paper and note that your discussion will revolve around your thesis. If your thesis is not clearly stated, your essay will also appear to be incoherent and your arguments will not be all that persuasive.

  1. Decide Your Approach
  • Subject by Subject

When discussing your subject in your compare and contrast essay, you may adopt either the subject by subject approach or the point by point approach. In the subject by subject approach you need to write first about one subject and discuss this subject fully. Address each subject in your essay in separate paragraphs. For the next subject of your essay, follow the same pattern of discussion as the first. For instance, if you are comparing in your essay the seasons of the year and you start with summer, you may describe summer in terms of temperature, color and the activities that people do during this time of the year. In the next section of your essay when you describe winter, you will need to follow the same pattern that you used in describing summer.

  • Point by Point

In the point by point approach you would simply discuss the temperature of all the seasons in one paragraph followed similar paragraphs covering color, temperature and activities. Always remember that in academic writing, sharp focus on the topic of your essay is essential.

Follow these guidelines by the "online college homework help" site to the compare and contrast essay, and you are sure to have some good results.


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