As the most common type of Pokemon in the entire series, Water-type Pokemon can be seen almost everywhere in most games. This type is easier to find in Pokemon Sword and Shield because the Water-type accounts for about 15% of the 400 Pokemon available in these games. Another way is to buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon. If players want to find the best Water-type Pokemon, they still need to know some specific areas. Here are three of them. 

Dappled Grove
Dappled Grove is located in the Wild Area near West Lake Axewell. If the player has a Pokemon Shield, it may be a good place for Water-types. Only in this game, players can use this area to randomly encounter Lotad. Players can also find Lotad's evolutions, Lombre and Ludicolo. Since Lotad is unique to Pokemon Shield, unless it is traded, this area is very important to those who own it. 

Even if the player has Pokemon Sword, this area can still help, because there are many ideal Pokemon lurking. For example, the chance of encountering Tympole is very high, and Seismitoad, the final evolutionary of Tympole, is also wandering in this area. 

South Lake Miloch 
In the southern part of the wilderness, there is a variety of Water-types to choose from in the South Lake Miloch area, especially the form of wanderers. Whiscash, Lanturn, Gyarados, Milotic, etc. all appear as wanderers in the area together with Crawdaunt, the latter being one of the only Pokemon in the game that has both Water-type and Dark-type.

The possibilities of random encounters include Wingull, Corphish, and Tympole. In addition to being able to catch Magikarp while fishing, trainers can also catch Remoraid, Barboach, and Pyukumuku. For visible encounters, players can find tons, including the rare Pyukumuku. In addition, if the player owns the Pokemon Shield specifically, they can also find Lombre. With a large selection and some rare Water-types, this area is a perfect place to find what some players lack. 

West Lake Axewell
Another good place for Water-types located in the southern part of the Wild Area is West Lake Axewell. This area is again recommended for its Wanderer selection. Kingler, Gyarados, and many others are wanderers in this area. 

When surfing on Rotom Bike, the instructor may encounter multiple Water-types, such as Goldeen and Magikarp. Visible encounters include encounters like Tympole and Wooper. If the game is Pokemon Shield, Lotad can be added to the list. When fishing, the player has a high chance of catching Magikarp or Goldeen, and the chance of catching Remoraid and Wishiwashi is very low. Through random encounters, players may encounter Krabby, Wingull, and others. No matter where the player goes, they can find a lot of Water-types here. 
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