This guide can help you catch up with the WoW classic of the original game, you have come to the right place. In fact, no matter what the situation makes you unfamiliar with the game, it is not a big problem. No matter which faction you belong to, WoW Classic may be very different from what you are used to.

Although "Warcraft" has many similarities with other MMOs-it ​​paved the way for this type of game, and many people later copied its practices-it still has some new ones that are not familiar with "Warcraft" The uniqueness that players may encounter. On the contrary, many conventions and game systems have changed significantly over time for individuals who play World of Warcraft, which means that you may experience some major changes in the modern World of Warcraft.

What needs to be noted in WoW Classic is that monsters are difficult to kill, far more difficult than contemporary monsters in Warcraft, and not all classes have the ability to defeat them equally. For most types of damage, dealing with more than one enemy at the same time is either critical or death. For occupations that are primarily therapists, this may mean that mobs cannot be killed in time—some of the classics fall into this category, including most "mixed" occupations, such as druids. Because the killing experience is evenly distributed among the team, inviting a friend may make you believe that your ranking will only be halved.

In fact, inviting companions will not help you reach level 60 as quickly as possible. However, it does make you more enjoyable, especially if you are a beginner. Choose a race or a class! If you want to level up with your friends, you should usually choose the same race. Characters of different races cannot perform tasks in the same area in the classic before escaping from the initial area, which may take a long time compared to live games. If you don't want to participate in the same race (such as dwarves and gnomes, or orcs and trolls), please consider a race that starts in the same area or nearby. Choose the right ammunition and reagents! Few professions use reagents to cast their spells, and professions that use ranged weapons (such as hunters, thieves, and warriors) must use trading skills to buy or create bullets or arrows.

Reagents and ammunition are usually available from city suppliers, and players should reserve them before leaving the town-unfortunately, at the expense of already limited luggage capacity. Some spells used by warlocks require soul fragments, which they obtain by killing creatures and then absorbing souls. It's a bit like getting free ammunition.

There are also guilds that take longer to form in Classic than in real-time Warcraft, because they are more expensive to form, and previous players will not have the gold coins they need. The guild provides players with an easier way to discover missions and dungeon groups, as well as a chat forum where you can discuss the progress of the game.

After that, when you reach level 40, you can train and buy an amount that suits your race. Mounting helps to move quickly, which is easier than when running. When you reach level 60, you can train further and buy epic mounts, which will be faster. Given your level, both types cost a lot of gold and are usually one of the more expensive items purchased by the character. A level 40 character may have to give up learning several levels of spells to make up for it.

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