Preparing a literature review for your English dissertation is a time-consuming step that students need to work on. This is the reason some of them choose to hire a professional for dissertation help. Even though this process takes up a considerable amount of time, you can still simplify it.

If you’re curious to know how you can simplify the process of writing a literature review, then there are some tips that experts who offer academic custom writing service follow.

  1. Read and evaluate the sources properly

Once you have gathered all the literature, you'll need to write the review. First, begin reading the pieces and categorising the reading materials based on relevance. Take careful notes as you read the material and develop a transparent system to keep track! Do not write the review before you have read all the sources so that you do not have to delete and revise what you have written.

  1. Write an annotated bibliography to organise your sources

Create a citation, a paragraph describing the source, and a brief analysis of the content for each source. Having such details for each reference will make it convenient for you to refresh your memory on what it was about and look for the citation details as required. Write down the citations one at a time as you flip through your sources. Writing annotations periodically in the English Dissertation Writing Service will help you save time in the longer run.

  1. Maintain your writing voice and style

Focus on using your own words to convey an idea from the source material. Develop a conversation between yourself and the sources you have read. Also, write the entire literature review using vocabulary and sentence structure representing your standard of academic writing. So, never switch between imitating the style of each of the sources you're highlighting.

  1. Proofread your literature review thoroughly

Once you’ve written the review, it’s essential to check the entire paper before moving on with the dissertation. Reread the literature review to catch mistakes in sentence structure, grammar, and spelling. Reviewing your work will also provide you with a chance to expand on any sections that seem underdeveloped. A properly edited and proofread review has a better chance of being accepted by your dissertation committee.

The process of writing a literature review can be time-consuming. But you can still make it easier by implementing valuable tips from the essay writing experts. Hopefully, now the process will be a lot easier for you.