Container Camp have light weight, less wetland work and short construction period. The thermal performance of the house is good, and the wall panel of the container mobile house is a foam color steel sandwich plate with heat insulation.

Most of the building materials used in integrated houses are recyclable, degradable, low-cost and environmentally friendly. In particular, brick-concrete structure is not environment-friendly, a large amount of clay is used, which damages ecology and reduces ploughing. Therefore, the breaking and use of integrated houses in science and technology will be long-term and will change the traditional construction form, making the living cost of human beings smaller and the living environment very good.

Container trailer has the following three characteristics:

1. The integrated house has a high degree of engineering, shortened construction period and greatly reduced cost: the modules of temporary construction equipment are in accordance with specifications, thus completing large-scale production of temporary construction industrialization, improving the pre-engineering of construction, and making temporary construction components with different shapes, different data and different manufacturing methods have certain universality.

2. Container mobile houses can satisfy the requirements of super height and super span: temporary components with different shapes, different data and different manufacturing methods have certain universality. Pre-engineering of temporary construction equipment has integrated data processing and equipment, greatly reducing construction and installation costs. Moreover, the construction period can be shortened by more than 60% by increasing the construction speed at once, and then the capital turnover speed of the construction unit at once can be increased to enable the construction site to start earlier.

3. Integration of planning and function of container mobile houses makes temporary construction equipment more functional: in temporary construction equipment, light steel structure becomes an important factor in image formation, and the form, components and nodes of the structure cause and restrict the image of temporary construction to a large extent.

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