Whether you want to add flair to your daily home decor or spruce up for a special occasion, consider artificial topiary balls. Ideal for both commercial and residential use in places like homes, offices, shops, and restaurants, they bring a cozy and inviting vibe.

Artificial balls fall under the category of artificial plant products, crafted with greenery or flowers in defined shapes. Unlike real plants, they need no watering, pest control, or pruning, yet maintain a fresh appearance over time. This makes them an excellent option for those without a green thumb, providing the desired aesthetic without the need for maintenance.

Unveil the Materials Behind Artificial Balls

Typically, artificial balls are crafted from durable PE materials, occasionally incorporating iron for structural support. Our artificial balls, benefiting from cutting-edge technology, boast robustness and resilience, minimizing the risk of damage. EdenVert balls, specifically, utilize ultra-tough, UV-treated materials, ensuring they endure harsh weather conditions and sparing you the need for frequent replacements year after year.

The Advantages of Artificial Topiary

Look realistic

A high-quality artificial topiary closely resembles its real counterpart, even upon close inspection. It allows you to cultivate a tranquil atmosphere anywhere, elevating the luxurious ambiance of your space. However, it's important to note that not all artificial topiary meet such standards. Lower quality options may quickly fade and appear lackluster over time.

No water need

An outstanding benefit of artificial topiary is the absence of regular watering requirements. Unlike live topiary, which demands time-consuming maintenance, artificial topiary is effortlessly managed. It adds beauty and brightness to your space without fading or shedding in harsh weather conditions. Besides occasional wiping, your topiary will maintain its perfect appearance for years.


In contrast to live plant pots, artificial topiary balls offer versatility in placement since they don't need natural light. This advantage provides more flexibility in decorating your room, allowing placement in areas without light or wind while still adding a green ornament to the space.


As the leading artificial plants manufacturer in China, EdenVert has been in production since 2008, amassing over a decade of manufacturing expertise. Our topiary balls boast not only beautiful colors and designs but also high quality.

Whether you're incorporating artificial topiary plants in your offices or home, EdenVert offers comprehensive solutions down to the smallest details. Our artificial topiary balls can be customized in both scope and scale, going beyond what is showcased on our website. If you have a specific vision in mind, simply let us know, and our design team will bring it to life. Contact us at marketing@eden-vert.com.