It's no secret that every season League Accounts ,some champions just hold the power bar far over the others. And while improving your mechanics and macro play is insanely important, playing the right champions gives you a big advantage and allows you to climb the ladder much quicker.

The current state of solo queue is pretty diverse and there are a lot of viable options for every role. The season 10 meta seems to be at one of its most stable points in a while after Riot has tried to better tune many different champions over the last few patches.


Darius is currently one of the safest picks for the top lane. He is a rock-solid bruiser that has a bit of everything. He isn’t the usual tank or split pusher, but can carry if given the right lead and tank the enemy when he gets a few items.

Darius isn’t necessarily a champion that is often seen in professional play, but for solo queue he is perfect. This is reflected in his win rate that is at 51.48% and among one of the most picked champions for the top lane throughout most patches in season 10.

Darius is a fairly simple champion that most players will be able to pick up. This means that he can also be used by players who are not maining top lane, without the biggest risk of losing hard to the opponent. Get a Trinity Force on Darius and he is ready to duel most champions in the game. If the opposing team has a lot of tanks, then opt into a Black Cleaver instead. After this core item is assembled, Darius can either continue to build damage or go the tanky route.

Jungle: Warwick

The difficulty in playing Warwick stands in knowing when to use CC and how to properly use Jaws of the Beast to reposition in team fights.

Usually, Warwick is among the last champions to die in fights but the goal is to disrupt the carries and make them do less damage.

Mid Lane: Diana

Diana used to be a weak champion until level 6, but the already-mentioned skill swap changed that. Skilled players can gain a huge laning advantage and can easily roam to influence other lanes. Also, the champion can be played in different ways, with various possible builds viable.

Support: Leona

While Blitzcrank is insanely effective as a support, and definitely deserves a mention for the top support spot, the fact that he is so reliant on his hook makes or breaks him in the hands of lower ELO players. As such, we've decided to crown Leona the victor. Even though her E (Zenith Blade) is also a skill shot, her Q and R allow her to make up for any potential mistakes, and the added damage from her W makes her an insanely viable asset in team fights.

Bot: Miss Fortune

Although Miss Fortune is not a mobile champion, her Make It Rain skill gives access to some kiting while Bullet Time can easily change the course of team fights, especially when they happen in tight corridors.

Like all similar bot ADC champions, Miss Fortune is best played with engage or protection supports.

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