And... just how much hours would it take? Is it slower to RuneScape gold wc at level 60 then at level 98? Does the make xp/h grow or drop? I counted that it would take roughly 520 hours... is that real? As that is similar to 7 years . Every level increases the exp per hour, however your main factors are dragon hatchet and where you cut the stuff, and when competition is making it difficult. Do not cut yews to level 99. Get a good level first, such as at least 85, then opt for the yews and even then, odds are you'll give up. Have oyu gotten some 99s before?

Because the first 99 is probably going to be accomplished quickly or you will give up. I recommend you cut willows till about 55, subsequently teaks to 68, then ivies. But then again, I just have 99 wc. No more 99s before... and regrettably not a mem at the moment. Wcing level right now is 1. And... 450 hours is about five years of playing only in the evenings. In F2P, what is faster to 99? Which makes most money as I go along?

Okay, so ive not got good stats but I do have fun so that they serve their purpose. Anyways I am wondering if I need to keep my Bandos Godsword(BGS)? I simply got 75 att last night and im my rush just bought it becuz I wanted 1, but I dont think I need it because I dont pk so I dont actually have a use for it.

I have a bgs and full rune armor (obby cape, glory ammy newby yes but thats really the I got, I sold all else but armor) I think im goin to sell it and get ss for str coaching and torags(I enjoy it even know price to repair). . .Should i? My stats are: 75 assault, 70 strength(about to begin for 80), 70 defence, 74 mage, 64 scope (gettin 70 after strength) Also im now im workin in Pest Control to get whole void melee and range and just got 130 pts. With no armor). We're a terrific community and we're happy to have you! What you need to do is sell it off... get an abby whip and save your cash... you may need it in the future. 

And I do not really know some fantastic armor, but if you change the subject title to -Good Armor Set Up For P2P- and you need to get some answers. Have fun! You say that for every individual joining sals lol. Fantastic work. BGS is always a fun weapon to use because of the higher potency bonus however should never be used for actual training - maintain in inventory during slayer tasks to get a random smack or KO but nothing else. I try to be fine so the people who just come to ask one queries opt to remain. I remember when I joined Yoyoma explained the exact same thing. Made me deel quite nice. And ty. I wish to be ranked one day since I am never going to leave Sals. It's always fun killing cows together with it. And cheap OSRS gold possibly trying Pking. But should you die... don't say anything to me.