On August 26, 2019, after a long struggle, fans of the original version set foot on World of Warcraft Classic for the first time and fulfilled their long-cherished wishes. Now we have entered the TBC classic era and are already paying attention to the upcoming WotLK classic server. Nevertheless, our impression is that many Warcraft fans are currently waiting for one of the most important things: a new classic server. But why is it so?

On Reddit, player Chaddsters recently proved that his huge expectations for "classic freshness" are reasonable. Most importantly, it is said that TBC Classic has shown him the greatness of WoW classic :

A more vivid world: There are rechargeable character upgrades and flying mounts in TBC Classic. The old area is dead. In Outland, you will hardly encounter other players except for popular farm locations that can be explored together. In WoW Classic, the situation is completely different. Although the players may be on two continents, the world feels busier.
Another endgame: the advanced content of TBC Classic is very linear. In WoW Classic, there are more possibilities to get lost in MMORPG and set goals for yourself or focus on your favorite things.
Reduced minimization: Chaddsters hopes that all those minimizing fans who only look for excellent logs and acceleration time in WoW Classic are now in Outland, and because of "real fans", it will be more leisurely and more vanilla in "Classic Fresh".

However, it is questionable whether the classic version of the original "World of Warcraft" will appear again. Finally, in a recent investigation, Blizzard announced various changes that may have a major impact on the feel of the game: for example, more difficult raids and dungeon challenges, world buff bans in raids, more experience points during upgrades, and so on.

Many players certainly want to know the familiar original content and all the innovative feel. Some Warcraft fans even want to make so many adjustments that World of Warcraft Classic can almost become a new game let's take a look at Asmongold's wish list for "classic freshness". You will also find projects such as new endgame dungeons, career expansions, or valuable open world events there.

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