World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade classic phase 2 is coming, to be more precise: September 15th to 16th evening, 0:01 AM. Here is a summary of all the new features that will enrich the outer domain from Thursday. Players can also learn how to knock down bosses in new raid instances, how to increase reputation in new factions, and other knowledge about the content of Phase 2.

The second phase of TBC Classic gives everyone access to two raid challenges: Serpent Temple and Eyes in Storm Keep, which were already part of the release package in 2007.

After the two quick strikes in the first stage, the Serpent Temple is the first medium-sized large 25-player instance you will enter in the TBC era. There are 6 bosses waiting for you in the center of Zangamaschen. Before you can go through the entrance and take the elevator down, you must first master a series of missions, first take you to the slave area, where you can complete the mission from the heretical Carnabis. You complete this task by defeating Gruul and Nightmare (Karazhan). In this way, you will get the Mark of Vaschi, which will grant you access to the Serpent Temple.

For the two bosses in the Serpent Temple, the selected players in your raid must get resistance costumes! In the battle with Hydes, you need a tank with the highest possible frost resistance and a tank with the highest possible natural resistance. It will also help if your additional tank is equipped with some anti-frost and anti-natural clothing. However, in the battle with Leotheras, you need a player, preferably a warlock, to be able to refuel with the highest possible fire resistance value in the demon form of the Boss.

Many players certainly want to know the familiar original content and all the innovative feel. Some Warcraft fans even want to make so many adjustments that World of Warcraft Classic can almost become a new game let's take a look at Asmongold's wish list for "classic freshness". You will also find projects such as new endgame dungeons, career expansions, or valuable open world events there.

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