Trezor devices are the wallet that gives you the best and top service, one could ever want. When it comes to security, no one can beat the features of the hardware wallet. The users of hardware wallets have rarely reported any scams while they are on the hardware devices. Whereas, if we talk about the software wallets then you would find a never-ending list of the cases related to the security breaches. Therefore, people who care about the security of their assets and the trading experience, would prefer to go for the hardware wallets. And in the crypto market, there are only two names that are famous in the industry, one is Trezor and the other is Ledger.

In this blog, we will explain to you about the Trezor Bridge and the other details related to it. Now, let us not consume any more of your time on the introduction and just jump on to the details.

What is Trezor Bridge?

The launch of this application took place way before the launch of Trezor Suite. It is just an application that runs in the background and facilitates the smooth functioning of the wallet device. Once installed, you cannot even access this application directly. It just keeps on working in the background. Those who use this bridge application, need not use the application of Trezor Suite on their laptop devices. However, if you are a mobile user, then you will have to use the Suite application. Thus, it completely depends upon the preference of the person of what they would like to use.

Impact of Bridge

After our brief on the Trezor Bridge, you must have questions like what is the impact of this application. If the answer is yes, just take a look at the below points, these will make you understand better about this application:

  • If you are using Trezor through the Extension, then you decide to either uninstall the bridge application or do a Bridge download. The downloading process can be done through the Wallet itself.  
  • Further, if you are on the older or the outdated version of the Bridge, we recommend you update this application using the official website.
  • For a first-time user the platform will by default ask you to install the bridge application, but you can deny it as well if you do not want to install it.

Troubleshooting measures of Trezor

On the rarest of occasions, people face the issue of Trezor not working. And some of them can easily be resolved through the execution of the troubleshooting measures. But most of the people do not know what to do, and for them, here are some of the common measures:

  • Check on the working of Trezor Bridge through the task manager.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Bridge and Suite application.
  • Disconnect and Reconnect the hardware wallet device.
  • Use the original USB Cable you received with the original packaging of the box.

Wrapping it up

There is no need to install Trezor Bridge separately if you are using the updated version of Trezor Suite then there is no requirement for you to download Bridge. But if it is not up to date then you can either update it or download the Bridge separately. It does not support any of the mobile devices and if there is a problem in installing then you can connect with customer care. Thus it completely depends on the users and their performance