The Assault Guild APES won the first world kill in the Ragnaros and Onyxia's "World of Warcraft" classic in September 2019.

These are the successes of the guild:

Guild APES is played on the EU server "Gehennas" in WoW Classic. It is an alliance guild. The magic is that the guild only took 6 days to kill Ragnaros and Onyxia, becoming the world's number one in World of Warcraft nostalgia. When the first batch of kills was collected, the highest level of APES did not even have 40 players.
Ragnaros' first kill occurred in the first week after the release of the classic version of World of Warcraft, and 15 of the 40 players were below 60. Ragnaros failed in the first attempt. The important thing is that the tank is well equipped and can actually fill Ragnaros.
The guild won the world number one in Onyxia with only 34 fighters. You can't add more to the raid, because only 34 people completed Onyxia's pre-task. Onyxia was a little heavier than Ragnaros, and the dragon was only killed on the second attempt.

But now the guild is disbanded. The head of the guild Twitch anchor Maitoz is not satisfied with the "World of Warcraft" retro server. It has developed into a booster currency factory and no longer has anything to do with the original World of Warcraft. WoW Classic has become an industry.

He doesn't think that layer 5 (Ms. Vashj, Kael'thas) will magically make World of Warcraft Classic better.
In retrospect, he should stop playing World of Warcraft Classic after six months. He believes that the classics died after the Blackwing Lair. Then it is no longer a "WoW Classic", but a "money factory for boosters."
People will be transferred to the raid. The feeling of "Warcraft Classic" has died, and now the game feels like a bad industry. But most importantly, this feeling seems to prevail: he has played enough World of Warcraft in his life.

WoW Classic’s current gameplay is very different from the actual WoW in 2004. There is almost no "normal level group" anymore. Instead, high-level magicians will take the initiative to "pull" players through the instance, allowing them to quickly reach the highest level. They will pull their opponents together and "bomb" them with their abilities.

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