I'm confused as to why people think it's hard to WOW TBC Gold be a rogue, and to get invited to groups. I was a rogue, and I managed to form my own groups. If you cant get accepted to any of them, it's time to make your own group. You are able to choose the equipment you want and invite only those who don't need the item. This is among the advantages of creating your own groups. I got full bis because i chose people who don't need leather gear.

Because I don't want tank like you do. ...? Why should I do 1k+ DPS when I can do 500-600 overall DPS (I've done 995 dps during boss fights) Take off heal whenever required, off tank when required, battle res order to save the party in the event of a mishap or is injured, then heal the person who made the mistake and give everyone an extra 10% Crit

Yes, my alt is a wild. I tend to tank, but sometimes I just want to chill and get some badges without the stress of leading the run. But it just feels really bad when the group is performing aoe pulls and I'm just snoozing away at a single mob which goes down before I can earn five combo points. Cat really isn't great in 5 man games unfortunately. But the potential utility you've mentioned may be nice. If you have an arcane magick in the group they certainly enjoy the insiders and it makes me feel a little better about my shit personal DPS.

If your feral is healing , well, that's a bit scary. There's no boomkin with spell power. I get it I'm not telling you how to play , but even doing 950 damage is 2/3 of the biggest dps classes anything less than that level of damage can be considered to be the equivalent of carrying. The team can be carrying 500 dps. The team loses all control over dungeons by imposing players to kill in those situations.

I'm not off healing for times when the healer has become incapacitated (and the tank's overall health is getting in a dangerously low way for instance) or when oom or innervate is cooldown. .... I'll take the tank off when I'm in need or when the tank is down due to any reason, and the bres cooldown is in effect.

It's apparent that you're constantly grouped with some fantastic DPs. The avg that I pull for a hybrid class isn't poor cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold considering my other contributions to it. I'm also offering all other students an additional 5% of critique.