It took me days and rs 2007 gold hours to earn 100k. I asked people to take me to Falador. Lost on the dirt path that connects Barbarian Village (and Falador). Training with Giant Spiders in Lumbridge Swamp. Being killed by Draynor's Jail Guard. NEVER knowing where Port Sarim was and ALWAYS being lost in trying to find it. Getting Mind Runes by collecting the spawns from the Lumbridge castle. Find Chaos Runes in the Wilderness. What did everyone else do during their "noob day"?

Personally, I don't support BXP weekends. This is because it is beneficial to those who accumulate large quantities of goods to make profits. Also, it causes prices to rise to the point that you are unable to make any savings on bonuses XP.

Furthermore, these events promote unhealthy gaming and/or account sharing. The XP multiplier is never lower than 1x even after 10 hour. Furthermore, Summoning receives a bonus to actual XP gain regardless of the majority of the time spent training Summoning being time used to collect charms (yes it is only 1.1x however after 10 hours, it makes no difference).

Additionally, I am not a fan of how these events are created in order to boost revenues on days when most people would otherwise cancel the school membership. But, I'm not sure what you'll do with your extra XP. To meet the Karamja diary requirements, I'll likely end up runningecrafting.

Also another aspect. Is anyone still a fan of the Hati wolf events? Since it provided a predetermined amount of Potential XP with a limit on time, and the possibility of redeeming that Potential XP in the future, I enjoyed this event more than BXP weekends. It also didn't hurt the economy or give no-lifers or acc sharing players nearly as much. These kinds of events are much more appealing to cheap RuneScape gold me than BXP weekend.