Obviously, Animal Crossing is without a doubt a very successful game. Every player can get his own share of fun in the game. The upcoming update will let Mario land on our island and carry us alternative ideas to play.

Although Animal Crossing is now very playable, players Buy Animal Crossing Bells to generate our island increasingly more beautiful, but it is possible to shortcomings. We hope the official can also add the following features to help optimize and help the game.

Able Sisters uses a shopping cart. Every time the players find a fancy dress they would like to buy, the players have to step from the fitting room and endure a prolonged dialogue with Mabel before they go back in. So you will probably find yourself re-entering the fitting room half a dozen times or maybe more.

Take some advice from every webshop out there, Nintendo, and let players accumulate items to merely purchase in the shopping cart, then find them all without constantly leaving and entering the fitting room, all while forgetting which color item they've already purchased. It'd even be nice should the game showed you that you've got already got such a clothing item if you are still from the fitting room.

Add an undo button. Animal Crossing: New Horizons requires an "Undo" button. Many times, I caught something that was unacceptable, or I accidentally picked flowers, or mistakenly erased a custom pattern on a path. Yes, these nails can be repaired, but sometimes it does require more patience. Therefore, an undo button is very necessary, which can save a lot of time.

Let players stack more things. A player's inventory could possibly get full quickly. But anyone who's played for any while can consider numerous other pursuits that could stack in inventory. I don't always desire to run with a crafting station to have them outside of my inventory. And crafted items should be also stackable, making that "sell a hot item for the fortune" Nook Miles's task so much easier.