We all know that there are guide boards and signboards in the park, mainly to facilitate everyone to have directions to follow in the park. The types of park signage system design are mainly divided into the following guidance categories: Park signage system design, This kind of park signage system design is mainly for road indications, explanatory signs, location signs, etc. Most of them are placed at the entrance of the park or scenic spot and the road fork. Most of the Settings in the park are designed by this kind of park signage system, which draws the aluminum line of the scenic spot and a simple introduction of the scenic spot, which plays a very good indication role for visitors.

Management park signage system design, the content of this kind of park signage system design is mainly to show tourists the regulations or the express, warning, restriction or activities of stationary passengers. In the park, it is common to pay attention to fire prevention, care for flowers and plants, protect the environment or prohibit smoking and so on, and play a very good management role in the protection of the park, greening and landscaping, garden order and so on. 3. Educational park signage system design, including safety education in the park, national policy publicity, tree name brand, scenic spot description, park signage system design management, etc. The more commonly used tree name tag in the park is usually hung on the trunk of the tree, and the content is mainly the knowledge of the plant: such as the main characteristics, types and so on.

In the design and production, the sign has the function of marking, and the sign is mainly through visual expression of its role. For example, text communication; Signs are symbolic, directional, suggestive and so on. Text style can show personality, background. It shows symbolic and structural significance. Signage in today's high-tech modern automated society. With the needs of social construction, the sign manufacturing industry will have its own status.

In the future, the park will also create a lot of theme-related parks, such as education parks, wetland parks, sports parks, parent-child parks, etc. park signage system design for education plays an educational or explanatory role for tourists, so that tourists not only deepen their understanding of the scenic spot during the play, but also acquire various aspects of knowledge, which has the function of edutainment.

The sports park is mainly based on fitness sports, convenient for everyone to exercise, improve the national physical fitness, physical fitness and so on.

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