For players inside Northern Hemisphere, winter has stretched on for a lot of long months in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and fans are beginning to wonder if spring is ever going to melt the snow off their island homes. The frosty wintertime added an excellent touch to seasonal events like Toy Day and New Year's Eve, though with Festivale now behind to build for warmer weather, most be happy to have in mind the big thaw isn't too much off in Animal Crossing.

Snow chosen Animal Crossing islands back in December of 2020, is actually it, players had the ability to enjoy the magic of winter. Trees were frosted white, and characters were dressed warmly in the winter months sweaters, coats, and boots because they tromped through their islands, Buy Animal Crossing Bells building Snowboys, and decorating for that chilly season. Snow typically coats Animal Crossing for three months, meaning players have the end of the winter months.

It appears players might find the snow melting in late February, using a complete thaw due sometime around February 24 or 25, based on the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Official Companion Guide, via DualShockers. Green grass and trees might be a perfect touch as players roll into March, helping them prepare for that upcoming crossover event between Animal Crossing and Super Mario Bros, and also the usual spring holidays.

New Horizons can also be celebrating Animal Crossing's Shamrock Day holiday, a seasonal event happening on March 17. Players should be able to purchase shamrock-themed décor starting March 10. Decorations include shamrock rugs, door plates, home decorations, and outfits to help you players go into the St. Patrick's Day spirit. Players are likewise able to start preparing their Super Mario looks on March 1, if the contents with the free update, releasing on February 25, welcome in.

Currently, it may not be clear if Animal Crossing will likely be celebrating its first birthday on March 20 using a special event or if the infamous Bunny Day will return in April. In the meantime, players can actually look forward to the melting of snow and having their flower patches for upcoming springtime content in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.