EA Sports FC 24 is on the verge of unveiling its highly anticipated Team of the Season promotion in Ultimate Team later this week. But the excitement doesn't end there, as Electronic Arts has been consistently dropping new packs and Objectives throughout the week to build anticipation for TOTS.

One of the recent additions to the game is the Fullback Swap Evolution, offering players the chance to switch their left back to the opposite side of the pitch. Below, we'll delve into the details of this new Evolution and provide a comprehensive list of the top players to consider for this exciting feature in EA Sports FC 24.

What is the EAFC 24 Fullback Swap Evolution?

The Fullback Swap Evolution comes at a cost of 100,000 Coins or 500 FC Points, making it a significant investment. FC 24 Coins play a vital role as the primary currency for acquiring players, items, and upgrades, making them essential for enhancing your team's performance and competitiveness.Therefore, it's crucial to choose a player who will remain a valuable asset in your roster, even with the upcoming TOTS releases. Here are the key requirements to bear in mind:

- Maximum Overall Rating: 87

- Maximum Pace: 89

- Position: Left Back (LB)

- Maximum Total Positions: 3

- Maximum PlayStyles: 7

- Maximum PlayStyles+: 1

Upon completing all the Objectives, you'll receive various stat boosts, including +5 Overall, +5 Pace, +4 Passing, +4 Defending, +4 Physical, +3 Dribbling, +2 Shooting, +5 Weak Foot, as well as the Incisive Pass and Anticipate PlayStyles, along with the Jockey PlayStyle+.

The Best Players for the Fullback Swap Evolution

While some of the best options for this Evolution may involve expired Squad Building Challenges or high-cost players on the market, there are still viable choices available for less than 75,000 Coins. Here's a curated list of players to consider:

  1. Fridolina Rolfo – Barcelona
  2. Hero Joan Capdevila – La Liga
  3. UEFA Heroes John Arne Riise – Premier League
  4. Triple Threat Alex Greenwood – Manchester City

Among these options, Riise stands out as the most expensive, but his versatility and solid performance justify the investment. Capdevila is another strong choice, although his effectiveness may depend on the availability of the Unleashing Potential Evolution. Greenwood offers flexibility in various defensive positions, while Rolfo remains a fan favorite with her enhanced attributes. Despite not matching her Fantasy FC card, Rolfo's boosted stats make her a valuable addition to any squad.


The Fullback Swap Evolution presents an exciting opportunity to enhance your team's performance, and selecting the right player for the switch can significantly impact your gameplay in EA Sports FC 24. Choose wisely and make the most of this transformative feature in your Ultimate Team journey.

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