Over the years, people get used to each other and become one. Therefore, they fear that one of them might leave. And along with it, the peace that is so necessary in old age will go away. Men are more impulsive, and for this reason they begin to fuss and invent imaginary cheating on their wife. Hence the various obsessions, which are successfully combined with speculation and fantasies.
Sometimes the husband's mistrust has a very real basis and can be understood. This happens when the wife begins to behave inappropriately. Behavior changes dramatically, and her family does not recognize her. It is possible that the woman has met a new love, and she is concerned about completely different problems than the problems of the family. Tips here https://www.virtuabroadcastnetwork.org/how-to-catch-my-wife-cheating-using-her-gmail-or-linkedin-or-google-plus-without-her-passwords/ will help you figure out situations and it is possible to return the former warm relationship with his wife