WoW BC Classic has always been popular with players. Exploring Outland means experiencing the classic grinding experience of the old World of Warcraft. As of last week, WoW BC Classic has two new major raids.

The update brought several new factions, Orgrila and Sha'tar Sky Guard. No matter who you decide to ally with, you will receive a large number of exciting tasks that will bring you great rewards. As for the raid, their name is Zombie Cave and Eyes.

When you play in the Serpent Temple Cave, you will go to the Coilya Reservoir in Zangar Marsh for a high-level raid. Looking forward to the challenge. When you face Lady Vashj and Naga, you have six raid leaders to deal with. The limit for this raid is 25 players and it is reset once a week. On the way to Ms. Vashj, the order in which you want to fight each boss is up to you.

Go to The Eye, this assault consists of storming the Crystal Storm Fortress in the Netherstorm and fighting through four assault leaders. Eventually, you will meet Kael'thas Chaser. Like Serpentshrine Cavern, the raid is limited to 25 people and resets once a week. If you have been trying to reach the ashes of Al'ar, you might give it a try when you finish this raid. So try it. The patch that introduced raids and new factions also brought some other features. These include guild banking and group browser tools, as well as Arena Season 2.

You may remember the time when "World of Warcraft" Classic was released in 2019. That version brings back the experience of World of Warcraft before the release of Burning Crusade. WoW Burning Crusade Classic captures the classic World of Warcraft experience with The Burning Crusade expansion pack. The Burning Crusade classic version of "World of Warcraft" is not exactly the same as the original Burning Crusade experience of "World of Warcraft". Nevertheless, it provides an ideal balance between the old and the new, satisfying veterans who are looking for a nostalgic journey and don’t know. A new generation of players who used to play World of Warcraft.

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