Ultimate Solution or Gimmick? The Whizzinator Review


In a world where drug tests for companies spread with a rapid pace, it's imperative for employees to have access a dependable urine replacement kit such as The Golden Flask by ALS Laboratories which creates synthetic urine samples which closely resemble the real urine samples.

 It is equipped with a life-like prosthetic penis as well as heating pads to ensure body temperature is maintained during the collection of samples, as well as synthetic urine that smells, responds, is textured and feels similar to real pee.You can check out the post right here, or visit our official website for more information about SYNTHETIC PEE.

  The Whizzinator How Does the Touch Work?

 If you require a synthetic urine test kit to pass a drug test, The Whizzinator by Alternative Lifestyle Systems is one among the most popular options. It has everything you require to succeed in cheating at the drug test. It includes an adjustable prosthetic that is a male penis as well as lab-grade synthetic urine which has the same pH value along with color, color hue and smell specific gravity creatinine level that human urine has; two eight-hour heat pads; thermometer as well as specific instructions.

 The fake penis is available in five shades of skin and its company claims to have one of the most authentic and genuine products on the market. In addition, every box comes included with a waist-belt in order to cover it up when the need arises. In the process of purchasing synthetic urine it's vital to find an honest seller that values privateness by shipping their products with discreet packaging. This guarantees that nobody knows what's contained inside. 


 The urine kit makes use of high-concentrated mixtures of chemicals such as urea, creatinine as well as ammonia and uric acids to create authentic urine. It has the exact quality, pH balance and odor characteristics.

 The pre-mixed synthetic urine is packaged in a glass bottle equipped with a temperature gauge and pressure valve for checking its body temperature prior applying it. Its optimal temp range to use fake pee lies between 94-100 degrees Fahrenheit.

 It is important to be aware of the possibility of air exposure as this will cause the sample to be contaminated and make it inedible. When buying online, pick a trustworthy seller that respects security by shipping your purchase in clear packaging. This will reduce the possibility of security officers or postal personnel noticing your package as well as ensuring that you receive a clean sample upon delivery to you. It is possible to use an electronic urine warmer to another option for maintaining temperature regulation; but this option requires additional equipment.


 Golden Flask is among the most realistic urine replacements on the market, manufactured by Whizzinator. It's designed in order to smell, appear, as well as foam, just like the human pee. Additionally, urinalysis labs can use it to calibrate their regular.

 It comes in an easy to conceal 4oz bottle that holds enough urine to pass tests for urine analysis, which includes key chemicals such as creatinine and urea as well as uric acid to aid in replicating the urine you have taken.

 To ensure optimal fake urine storage temperatures, simply place and shake the pack until it is warm enough to use. This should keep it in a good temperature for at most eight hours. A portable urine warmer might work faster; however, they tend to weigh more and are expensive. The idea of tucking it in under your groin is a great option and is also very effective!

  Heat PAD

 Its Golden Flask synthetic urine kit might not be among the lowest priced available, however its high success rate at getting through drug testing makes up for its higher cost. Additionally, its discrete packaging, and its pre-mixed formulation by ALS labs make this artificial urine a snap to use right from the bottle.

 This fake urine is made to closely resemble real pee that is the ideal mix of urea, creatinine or uric acid as well as a specific gravity and other ingredients to make it look like real urine. This is a safe and non-toxic solution for users who are fetishizing their urination can be used by both genders.

 Fake urine is put inside the bladder of a plastic disposable and is then covered by one of the two heat stimulators inside this kit. This is prior to attaching to a waist belt or leg belt for concealed use beneath cloths. Each heat pad can provide about 10 hours of heat; you just need to remove its back cover, then place one on the bag of synthetic urine in the exact location of its thermometer, to trigger.