The next time you clean your closet, think that you can sell clothes and accessories that you no longer use online.

Either by making a little space in our closet, discarding those garments that we seldom or never use, or simply to earn more money, online sales of clothing and accessories can be a good option.

To get people interested in your clothes and accessories , it is necessary to take into account certain aspects when putting them for sale online:

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Clothing care

It is very important that the clothes you are going to sell are in good condition, since this will not only make the product sell at a fair price, but it will also make people satisfied with their purchase and remain interested in it. clothing or accessories you post.

Take care that the clothing or accessory you want to sell is in good condition.

Little fixes bring big deals

Before photographing and entering the description of your clothes, review each garment in detail, if any closure is broken we recommend taking it to repair, the same if it is missing a button, or if it is missing a small seam. The more presentable each garment, the more interest there will be from buyers.

Love enters by sight

A successful deal begins with a good image, so it is important that you try to publish images that illustrate every detail of your garment or accessory; You can take several photos of the complete garment, of some detail, in case it has applications or special characteristics, even of the label so that the interested buyer can see the size and other details.

Attention to details

To complement the images, develop a detailed description, including the price, size, brand and color. If you have never used the garment, include if it has the original labels, as well as all your contact information so that those interested can ask any questions.

Selling clothes and accessories is very easy and these tips will make a big difference when published in the Vivanuncios fashion and home category .

When publishing your images on Vivanuncios, remember that love is born from sight.



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