At 1:30 pm on September 23, 2021, Sebastian Glanzer-Some items and working formulas in World of Warcraft have long been lost because the game and its functions are constantly changing. Through the currently running cataclysm time roaming event, you will have the opportunity to briefly unlock the old classic professional recipes.

Blizzard has recently been exploring the potential of time-roaming content. In addition to the upcoming legion re-traveling event with "World of Warcraft" patch 9.1.5, more existing event dungeons and special transmogrification items for the night of birth, new time walk good things are already on the real-time server Unlock on. After feeling like an eternity, some recipes from the classic era are available again.
These classic professional recipes will bring back to the cataclysm time and space wandering event

The following recipes are sold by the Cataclysm Space-Time Wanderer vendors in Orgrimmar (coordinates 76/16) and Stormwind City (coordinates 52/41) for 1,500 Timewarped Badges. Therefore, collectors this week will have a unique opportunity to complete their collection-provided they have enough badges.

Recipe: Greater Arcane Protection Potion
Recipe: Lean Venison
Recipe: Big Bear Steak
Recipe: Lean Wolf Steak
Structure drawing: ice guide
Pattern: Robe of Winter Night
Pattern: Pauldrons of the Storm
Pattern: Veil of the Storm
Pattern: Storm Armor

As mentioned earlier, the focus of developers is further shifting to time roaming content. Even those who are not interested in these old recipes should stock up time-warped badges in the hope of patching 9.1.5 and later, perhaps just for safety. Who knows what special rewards we can get through time hiking in the future.

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