Constipation is considered to be the most common or most seen problem in the people of the world. As per the facts, and figures, in the united states of america constipation is the most common problem that can affect almost 20 percent to 30 percent of the people and ultimately can cause around millions of visit to the specialist doctors every year.

So, how to get to know if  a person has constipation or not?

Here are a few major and most common symptoms of the constipation problem among the people around the world. Have a look at the same.

1. A person may face a fewer than 3 to 4 bowel movements every week

2. A person might experience the hard, dry, or we can say that the lumpy stools and not the proper bowel movement

3. The person might also face the great difficulty and also a sense of acute pain at the time of bowel movement.

4. An uneasy and unwanted feeling of that the bowel movement is not done properly or not all the stool has passed

Here are the major and most beneficial natural remedies for constipation that can be done at home in order to get rid out of the constipation:

1. Water water water

Drinking more and more water can naturally solve this problem and also drinking more water is considered the most effective natural remedies for constipation. Drinking 2 glasses of water in an empty stomach just after the waking up in the morning is just wonderful. This will help all the people who are facing any kind of the difficult in passing the stool. This remedy will surely help the person in doing proper and time to time bowel movement on a daily basis.

2. Consuming more fiber

Consuming fiber in comparatively more amounts is very beneficial in easing the bowel movement in the human beings. Moreover, consuming more fiber is one of the best natural remedies for constipation.

3. Doing exercise on a daily basis

 Doing exercise such as walking, running, and jogging also ease the bowel movement in the human beings.

4. Drink tea or coffee more than usual 

Drinking tea or coffee, basically, more caffeinated drinks can be beneficial

 5. Can try some medications 

A person can also try some medications, but this would be the last option after all the options get exhausted.