The item recovery system in World of Warcraft is a system designed to protect players who may accidentally delete or sell items that later realize they still want or need them.

If you delete an item, there is no in-game method to retrieve it. Also, if you supply a product, there is a limited time before you can no longer buy the product. Therefore, to retrieve an item, you can restore it through the process provided on the Blizzard website. The item recovery system can be found on this page, which contains some basic instructions to help you get started.

This will display a list of every server you have a WoW role. This includes retail and classic era servers. Selecting a server will open a drop-down menu of the characters you have on that server. From there, select the role for which you want to restore the project. However, item restoration is not applicable to all situations. And before recovering items, you must log out of WoW to allow your item recovery list to be updated.

Temporary items, collectibles, consumables, and stackable crafting materials cannot be restored, and items can only be restored within 30 days. If you are not sure how much you might want to recover, recovery items have a 7-day cooldown, so it is better to recover more than less.

If you want to restore something that was scrapped or sold, you must have the material or the amount of gold obtained from it. When you retrieve the item, it will be taken from your character.

After finding and selecting all the items to be recovered, click "Next: View item recovery", and then press the big blue "Recover items" button on the next page.

After completing all these steps, log in to the game again and go to the nearest mailbox. This item will be sent to you along with Blizzard’s message as a receipt for your recovery. If the player feels struggling in the game, he can spend a little WOW TBC Classic Gold to strengthen his equipment. If you don't have enough gold, you can go to a trusted professional sales website.

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