A big part of strategic business operations is how you utilize the resources at your disposal. From choosing which project for the internal team to which one company you hire, top BPO companies in the United States can meet all your requirements. You have the option to outsource tasks including a single marketing campaign, or you may also outsource the entire business process, such as customer support. With outsourcing business processes, you can free up internal resources and focus on more critical areas.

The revenue of the global call center services amounted to $26 billion in 2019. However, here, we'll discuss and cover how call center services can help your business grow. 


Business process outsourcing

Your business process outsourcing delivers business functions through an external provider or contractor. The service often includes functions such as payroll, accounting, telemarketing, data recording, and more. Therefore, more companies are now partnering with top bpo companies in the United States. Besides, here's what statistics states,

  • 70% of executives cite lower costs as the topmost reason to choose BPO services
  • 40% emphasize flexibility
  • 20% speed-to-market

If you're planning to choose top BPO companies in the United States, there are three significant categories of service these companies offer

  • Offshore outsourcing: A contractor company with branches outside the country
  • Nearshore outsourcing: A contractor with branches in the neighboring country
  • Onshore outsourcing: A contractor in your own country

When to outsource and when not to?

If the business operates in the US, everything comes down to taxes. The US corporate tax is one of the highest on the globe. If you choose to outsource a business function outside the home country, you need to pay the country's tax rate. Also, there are other several reasons your business need to focus:

  • Cost-cutting

BPO cuts costs related to in-house labor, staffing, and training. With outsourced vendors, your business doesn't need to pay a fixed cost for labor and can instead determine fees by projects or service type.

  • Focus on internal resources

The employees should be able to focus more on their time on core functions. The in-house team might handle payroll; but, they might be responsible for dealing with client billing, which is a core function of your business. 

  • Global Expansion

BPO companies allow the customer to serve globally. You can partner with Dubai-based outsourcing services in their time zones to ensure local presence. These companies offer global outreach for your business growth.

  • Flexibility

With an external vendor to rely on means, the internal employees can more easily shift focus as priorities change. If you plan to introduce a new product or service, the internal human resources need to focus here. With the outsourced establishment, products or services can be managed without an issue.

BPO Types

You need to partner with call center services depending upon the organization you go for. However, here are some of the most common types of BPO services and how to manage them.

  • Information technology-enabled services (ITES)

ITES includes anything related to information technology, internet connectivity, or data network. Also, this includes vendors that handle tasks such as service desk analysis, production support, or the entire IT operations.

  • Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO)

KPO is more than what BPO includes. This covers business and domain-based expertise. It also has things like research and analysis, and vendors engaged in this type of work might be enabled to make low-level business decisions.

  • Research process outsourcing

RPO is a subset that relies on research and analysis. These vendors support strategic business decisions, investment choices, and others that any marketing firm offers. Market research here includes competitive analysis and the need to monitor competitor activities. 

Manage outsourced business process with the right solution

Outsourcing business processing can be of great benefit as long as you keep a close eye. The risk associated here is generally due to the lack of control of working with outsourced vendors. Therefore, BPO vendors need to be integrated with internal operations. Besides, it provides internal business teams with high amounts of visibility into the vendor's processes.

Kick-start the process and add value to your business by outsourcing BPO partners today!