Chatbots have proven their intelligence for everyone. Be it the enterprises, startups, or customers; they are intelligent enough to serve every user with their individual purpose. All thanks to machine learning, natural language processing, sentiment analysis, knowledge base, and other advanced features. They are the primary reasons behind continuous intelligence and their importance in any field. Even human resource management software is teamed with AI conversational chatbots to attain extra leverages.

An artificial intelligence chatbot needs to be trained and customized properly to support a business for different reasons. Whether you are using bots to generate leads or promote your brand through customer interactions, an intelligent knowledge base is imperative. 

But what makes the bots so intelligent? Probably the list of features will give you a clear outlook.

4 Features that make chatbots so intelligent

  1. Real-time contextual understanding: To build high customer engagement and to have meaningful conversations, real-time contextual understanding is purely needed. Unless the bots understand the user intent, it is hard for them to deliver accurate responses. It is natural!

    Understanding user context is necessary whether you incorporate the bots with human resource management software or a customer support system. The bots can easily analyze the user inputs like time, date, conversation history, purchase history, intent, identity, conversion tone, and so on. Comprehending the user conversations make the chatbots intelligent for the customers.


  1. Continuous learning: Continuous learning is mandatory to deliver the accurate output and be perfect with the brand response. AI conversational chatbots strongly believe in this. We already know that the bots are designed with a proper knowledge base. The intelligent base keeps on learning new subjects and concepts so as to deliver a quality response to every query.

    It is obvious to incorporate an artificial intelligence chatbot that has a scalable knowledge base. This feature enables the internal employees to grow their knowledge and skillsets while conversing with the bots whenever required. Thus making the brand more interactive for both employees and customers.


  1. Have an option for live chat support: Many marketers fail to think about live chat support while choosing virtual assistants. The thing is, you don't need to think about this separately. The bots are usually designed with an option that allows human support agents to take charge whenever the machine falls.

    No matter how great the bots are, at the end of the day, they are robotic solutions that can’t deliver solutions to the more and more complex issues. This is when they require expert hands or, better to, tell professional human support agents to solve the matter. Live chat support option added to the bots make it easier for the customers to get their issues no matter how complicated it is. Additionally, the employees even find it suitable for learning queries using chatbot-enabled workforce management software. This is certainly another advantage that has contributed to chatbot intelligence.


  1. Integration of voice technology: As per Garner's report, 25% of consumers use voice technology for chatbot conversations to avoid textual messages. Chatbots show their intelligence by understanding the voices, the intent, along with insights into the conversation. To gain a positive customer experience, voice bots play a significant role.

    Voice interactions promote more error-free conversations and add better convenience to the users. First of all, you don’t need to type your query. With the NLP and ML technology and voice recognition and speech synthesis, the bots can easily understand what the user is trying to say and share the responses accordingly. To enjoy friction-free conversation, nothing can be beneficial than this voice feature.



Chatbots are not just meant for an improved customer-business relationship. Rather they are even introduced to any workforce management software for seamless employee experience. Of course, employee experience is equally important as customer experience. This you can achieve using your intelligent chatbots.

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