The incoming launch of POE 3.10 and the Delirium League is bringing with it a bunch of changes. The new Endgame surrounding the shadowy new realm with an entirely new boss offers plenty of challenges for veteran players, but what about the newbies? The new Path of Exile 3.10 player may feel a little lost, so we put together a guide to explain some of the mechanics.

Chaos Recipe and Rare Items

This is unlikely to interest experienced players, but it will be useful for beginners to find out about it. If you recently started playing Path of Exile, you probably won’t run through locations for quick access to maps and farm and end game. You most likely clear locations, do side quests and pick up most of the rare items that drop. And although this does not fit the already established speed meta (the faster the zone/content is cleared the better), this has its advantages. Unnecessary and identified rare items are sold to vendors in the city, and you will have a lot of Orb of Alteration.


Although this activity is unlikely to bring you a huge amount of currency (unless of course some expensive prophecy doesn’t), it will still help to get a small number of chaos orbs. In general, I would single out 2 farm strategies related to Silver Coins.

One of them is the purchase (or honestly collected) of a large number of Silver Coins, and then spam and seal prophecy. What is the essence of this strategy? You close the 6 prophecies slots with the most common prophesies (such as The Lost Maps or The Mysterious Gift), and seek then seal prophecy in the last slot. And here it all depends on your luck – the most expensive ones such as Trash to Treasure, The Queen’s Sacrifice or Fated Connections can also proc. But most likely it will be inexpensive, 3-5 chaos orbs, prophecies, which can be sold to other players. I advise you to check the cost using PoE Trade Macro to save time.

Divination Cards

This option is suitable for those who spend most of the time farming a specific pool of cards. As soon as you select the appropriate divination card and map, these cards will have to be cleared more than a dozen, or even hundreds of times. Especially if these are rare and expensive cards, they are unlikely to fall after two or three maps. Divination card drop depends on item quantity bonus, so you should use chisels on your maps to maximize the bonus and so that the card has at least 75+ overall item quantity bonus.

In addition, it is advisable to use sextants with good bonuses, prophecies, master mission and Zana map device mods. Divination Scarabs will give a tangible bonus, but they are not cheap. Therefore, what to use from this list is up to you, because using it all at once, and all the more constantly, may end up being unprofitable if nothing worthwhile falls on maps.

Labyrinth Farming

Uber Labyrinth is a great place to farm things you can’t get any other way. Basically, players farm helmet enchants, as a good base with the right enchant will cost several exalted orbs. These bases include Lion Pelt or a Hubris Circlet with high ilvl (84+), as well as uniques like Starkonja’s Head and Devoto’s Devotion, which are so popular for many builds. Do not forget about Twice Enchanted prophecy, this will multiply by two your chances of getting the cherished enchantment.

Another option is to clear the maze with the maximum number of Treasure Keys, both with Izaro and Argus, and in the maze itself with Treasure Chests and Curious Lockboxes. This will open several Treasure Chests at once, which will affect the amount of loot. One of the unique finds that only drops in the maze is Death’s Door. These unique boots cost a lot, which will be a great bonus for the farm.

The main thing to remember, that for a successful and maximally effective Uber Labyrinth farm you will need two things – a good build (these are builds with high mobility and good single target dps), as well as knowledge of the current labyrinth layout. It changes every day, in order to find out what it is today use this site – Uber Labyrinth Daily Notes.

League Mechanics

Each new league in Path of Exile adds new mechanics and a variety of ways to farm currency. You can write a lot about each of them, for example, how it is more profitable to farm Delirium cards and Simulacrum, which organs are the best in the Metamorph league and about Blight maps farm. But in this guide, I will talk about the leagues associated with the masters and their Atlas missions, as they are always available and most convenient for a stable farm.

Incursion League

Incursion – Alva and the Temple of Atzoatl can be very profitable. By focusing on upgrading certain rooms, you can earn a good amount of orbs using the mechanics of the room yourself or by selling other players access to it. Do not forget that the Incursion room should be upgraded to the third level, otherwise its main feature is lost.


Unlike in MMOs and other ARPGs, you actually get penalized for trying to take on content that’s too high-level for you, as well as too low-level. And don’t think you can boost with a friend either, party play rewards the lions share of EXP to the highest level players in a group first. This is because grinding to max level in POE, which is level 100, is a huge chore. This is why most builds are considered finished by around the high 80s or low 90s.

The leveling formula you should always keep in mind is pretty simple, and it changes predictably. You start by earning 100% of the EXP from a mob kill within 3 levels of your current character level. So at level 10, anything below level 7, or higher than level 13, will start being less efficient for farming EXP. This formula increases plus one every 16 levels so once you are level 16 you get full EXP against level 20 mobs for example.

We hope that this list of best Path of Exile (PoE) Delirium 3.10 beginner builds will be helpful to your career in the world of Wraiclast, and don't forget to click here to our other Path of Exile Delirium Builds and guides! Sure, if you don't have enough time to get POE Currency , you can try to Buy Exalted Orb is a secure POE Currency Shop