On the 5th of October, Microsoft releases the Windows 11 equipped with many advance laurels. Among other things, the start menu appears in a new look and offers fresh features. Owners of Windows 10 will receive the upgrade to Windows 11 for free, but only if the respective notebook or the PC meets the system requirements. Saturn now offers cheap Win-11 notebooks and PCs.

What distinguishes Windows 11?

Windows 11 builds on Windows 10, but brings some significant improvements. In the new start menu, there are a heading with suggested elements, for example with the most recently edited documents and folders, as well as elements of the cloud memory Onedrive. The area next to the power switch can be customized. Microsoft also says goodbye to the live tiles. As a replacement, the optional widgets, which can be displayed at the touch of a button on the left edge of the screen. Away from the new start menu and promise, especially Direct Storage and Auto-HDR become interesting. Shorter charging times in games also brings Windows 11. In addition, Windows supports 11 Dynamic Refresh Rate. Thus, the operating system can automatically switch between different refresh rates - provided that the monitor uses offers different Hertz numbers. If you process a table for example in Excel, Windows 11 automatically switches to 60 Hz, while the operating system speeds up to 120 Hertz when writing or a video game starts.

Which system requirements entitle the free upgrade?

At the end of August, Microsoft has revised the official system requirements of Windows 11. There are now some models of the 7th generation of the Core I CPUs from Intel compatible and not only processors from the 8th iteration. However, the first generation of AMD Ryzen CPUs continues to be compatible with Windows 11. The free Microsoft Media Creation tool will be able to upgrade Windows 10 users to upgrade to Windows 11, even then if the Windows 10 PC has installed an unsupported processor. When installing Windows 11 on a PC with a non-support processor, a warning message is displayed. So you have to actively confirm the setup of Windows 11 with one click that you lose the warranty claim due to the free update in a non-support PC and you are aware that it can come to compatibility issues. At Saturn, there is currently a free upgrade to Windows 11 suitable notebooks and PCs at reasonable prices.

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Windows 11: Microsoft promises smaller updates

On the 5th of October, Windows 11 will be officially appeared and then staggered as a free update distributed, with first PCs with current hardware to receive the offer. Every year there will be a free feature update that you can skip. In addition, all users of Windows 11 regularly receive so-called cumulative updates, which should close bugs fixes and security gaps. According to Microsoft, such patches should be smaller than Windows 10.

By Andreas Szedlak editor 28.09.2021 at 17:01