Tiktok was a platform whose popularity shot thanks to the pandemic, and the most recent figures of active users are certainly reflected from this. The above we say it because it has been revealed that this social network already has more than a billion registered users and not only that, but they continue to increase constantly.

The news was revealed during Tiktok World 2021 , an event where the platform presented several tips and trends that content creators can follow to have greater presence on the platform. Why is this growth? Well, the pandemic definitely had a lot to do.

Recall that during the first quarter of 2020, Tiktok became the most discharged application around the world. Approximately, it is estimated that 315 million downloads corresponded, and although the APP was banned in some countries such as India , while Donald Trump threatened to also prohibit it in United States , its popularity in the rest of the world follows the rise.

Via: Reuters

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