How to protect children from phishers, spammers, or intruders

Like any user of the network, children can fall prey to phishers, spammers, or cybercriminals distributing malicious software. Guys who have not faced fraud, believe in huge winnings, can enter bank card details on a suspicious site, follow a dubious link from a friend in a messenger, or download an infected file.
One of the most relevant schemes for cybercriminals today is a scam. These are scam ads that promise large cash rewards for completing a survey or participating in a promotion. To receive money, you need to pay a "commission" or "fixing payment", usually a small one, about 5-10 dollars. But the person, of course, will not see any payments, and the "commission" will go to the attackers. Often, such ads appear on popular social networks, and advertise them allegedly on behalf of popular stars, including among children, in order to increase user confidence.
Therefore, so that you can always protect your child from danger on the Internet in time, install Refog Keylogger on the child's computer. This way you can always react to risks in time and protect your child.