The IT sector is booming right now and the growth projection is immensely profitable for all those who are interested in working in this sector. As an IT professional your career can grow exponentially to some great heights. 
According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, “IT employment is expected to grow 11 percent from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations — which add up to about 531,200 new jobs in the industry.
The degrees have now taken a backseat when it comes to a job. Anyone can learn anything from any source on the Internet. That's the power of free education in a community-driven world of the internet. This is the best time to invest in self-learning and then you'll see your career entering into a very great stage. 
Especially the businesses like eCommerce have exponentially grown in the past 3 years because of the enhanced internet usage by different users across the globe. With this, new technologies like headless CMS for eCommerce are also coming up that have given new job opportunities in the technology industry. 
Latest Trend In Web Development
Before jumping onto the main trends of Web development in 2021 you must know what is web development exactly. Basically, it represents the building and maintenance of websites including the back-end, front-end, UI, and UX to help both the business owner and the end-user meet their goals.
Earlier web development was only limited to the usage of HTML, CSS, and sometimes PHP and Javascript but web development services have transformed through the years. Today, no one demands a website. They demand something specific like:
a single static page or web app,
progressive web app,
Jamstack websites,
headless eCommerce solution
Further in this blog, you'll get to know about the best general web development courses, front-end, and back-end courses, best courses on the most popular front-end frameworks like React and Vue, and the best Jamstack courses as one of the biggest differentiators in modern web development.
The most useful benefit of online education on Google and Youtube is that it offers a specialized format of learning. You can learn anything on any particular subject and become a specialist in that. The tech industry has a great demand for specialists in various technologies and you can be one of those if you can find the right online course for you. Most of the jobs are in the sector of web development and that is why here you can have a look at the most preferred online courses for web development in 2021:
1) The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp
You can enroll for this course on Udemy where it will cost you something around $110. This will give you a really wide perspective about HTML, CSS, and JAvascript. Other than these technologies you will also get to learn various logics and concepts related to web development. 
2) Explore and Master Chrome DevTools

You can access this course on PluralSight with a subscription or a free trial. You will get a great understanding of the 8 panels of Chrome DevTools. It has almost 3 hours of video modules. 
3) Modern React with Redux
You can buy this course without any prior knowledge of React. This is available on Udemy. React is one of the most popular powerful libraries of Javascript for web development. It has a total of 50 hours of video lessons. 
4) Jamstack: The Complete Guide
You might have heard about JAMstack recently and you must be wondering "What is JAMstack?" Well here's a course on Udemy that's gonna answer all your queries about JAMstack. It will cost you around $90. 
You’ll get to know the Jamstack architecture, building apps out of static assets, handling asynchronous interactions with serverless functions, setting up authentication, retrieving information from databases, and shipping your new website to production.
Not only this, but you will also learn about the latest headless eCommerce solution in the web development industry through this course. 
5) Advanced Components of Vue
This advanced Vue course will help you gain a complete understanding of this framework, debugging your apps, and extending Vue functionality.
You’ll learn about template compilation, render functions, functional components, render props and scoped works, internal mounting process, and other design patterns and techniques.
There are many other courses out there for you that will advance your web development career in 2021. Just keep that curiosity alive and never end your search for knowledge. There's always something left to explore.