Dealing with payment stalls and objections during debt collection is a part of the job. But, there's much more a debtor may run besides unwillingness to pay. To counter such issues, collectors spend years in the business learning how consumers stall and why. Now, each collection firm may run different types of collection strategies in order to ensure smooth cash flow. After all, without capital, your business may not reach anywhere.

Negotiating For Collection

There are several factors collection agency Atlanta considers when negotiating a debt. Moreover, consumers will react differently based on their personality or their emotions when on a call. These factors also impact the excuses debtors give for nonpayment.

Personality types

Consumers come with different personality types. Moreover, each personality type reacts differently to debt collection tacts. Therefore, a well-trained agent can identify debtor personalities and act as per the requirement to make the call much more effective.

People Person

These are consumers who apologize for being in debt. A good tactic with these types of consumers may help bring you a common ground for negotiation. They are much more helpful and are interested in making things suitable by paying the total amount they owe.

The Dreamer

These individuals have a hard time focusing on money. They are never serious about their debt. However, collection agency Atlanta initiates rapport building and communication on the same level as the consumer and helps creditors get the account collected.

The Thinker

Convincing thinkers can be highly challenging if they disagree. With these debtors, it is adequate to acknowledge their feelings. Moreover, this helps to move the conversation forward, maintaining a good relationship.

Consumer's Emotion

Emotion has a significant role to play when collecting a debt. Collection agency Atlanta arms its agents with tools when dealing with any consumer, no matter what they may feel.


Consumers who readily agree are the favorite among debt collectors. They acknowledge that they owe money and are ready to resolve their collection accounts. They may seem few and far between, but they do exist.


Defensive debtors generally don't pay but also won't explain. Collection agency Atlanta includes skilled collectors who find anything the debtor agrees upon. Also, a small agreement in the call can build up and make it easier to proceed with a discussion.


Apathetic consumers don't really care about their debt. If a debtor experiences more significant issues than the debt they owe, they may not care about the money. Empathy goes a long way here. Collectors who can connect with debtors tend to be more successful.

Reasons for Delinquency

There are many reasons why a debtor is unable to pay you. However, collection agency Atlanta discusses two central points.


These unpaid debts are held by people who have fallen on hard times. Getting more information or coming up with a plan is enough to solve complex issues regarding nonpayment. Moreover, a simple act of empathy can help connect with the customers.


There's no set of rules for identifying debtors who do not intend to pay. The number of accounts and the types of debts a consumer owed might hint about the intentions.