Animal Crossing: New Horizons turns annually old in March, meaning all players in the hemispheres also have an opportunity to find and catch every bug, fish, and deep-sea creature easily obtainable in the game thus far. Many players will certainly complete their Museum's Bug Gallery and Fish Gallery this month since they finish collecting and donating specimens for Blathers.

A big section of gameplay in Animal Crossing: New Horizons relies on players exploring their island at his or their pace and capturing a few of its natural wonders. Players can Buy Animal Crossing Bells and make use of crafted or purchased tools like fishing rods, nets, and swimming and diving gear to capture the various critters who also call the region home. These critters are usually kept, somewhat like pets or decorations, converted into statues, donated for the Museum, or sold for additional bells. As the months and seasons change, use the available critters on and around a player's island.

March marks a change in the season when Animal Crossing hemisphere. Spring will usher in the northern hemisphere, and autumn will enter the southern hemisphere. Players in the northern hemisphere will soon see new spring creatures appear in the area. In March, five deep-sea creatures will enter the northern and southern hemispheres respectively. But by the end of March, one species of deep-sea creatures will leave the northern hemisphere, and eight species of creatures will leave the southern hemisphere. This is every deep-sea creature that entered Animal Crossing: New Horizons in March.

Deep-Sea Creatures Coming to Both Hemispheres: Turban Shell worth 1,000 bells each, Chambered Nautilus worth 1,800 bells each, Umbrella Octopus worth 6,000 bells each.

Deep-Sea Creatures Coming on the Northern Hemisphere: Firefly Squid worth 1,400 bells each, Spider Crab worth 12,000 bells each. Deep-Sea Creatures Coming towards the Southern Hemisphere: Oyster Worth 2,000 bells each, Sweet Shrimp worth 1,400 bells each.

At the tip of March, players inside the Northern hemisphere don't be able to find the Red King Crab. In the Southern hemisphere, players won't be able to find the subsequent: Sea Grapes, Sea Urchin, Slate Pencil Urchin, Moon Jellyfish, Gigas Giant Clam, Tiger Prawn, Horseshoe Crab, Flatworm.