Chatbots are being implemented on many of the websites and landing pages by businesses to improve the conversion rates for their products and services. These days chatbots are so much customized that their responses are so much humanized and personalized that they are very necessary for a website to drive sales. It's being done to match the change in the way a user behaves on a website. 
79% of consumers opt for messaging to get customer service or query resolution.
82% of consumers rate an “immediate” response as very important when they have any query
36% of companies use live chat for marketing, sales, or customer service inquiries. Especially in their campaigns they always have a chatbot on their landing pages.
65% of millennials want chatbots to cater to their customer requests
Conversational sales and marketing helps deliver a better customer experience, and chatbots are the perfect way to achieve this. Chatbots boost the lead scores, qualification, and distribution, helping customers in their search and providing them guidelines and instructions to take an action.
The main reason why chatbots have become so smart today is that they have been there for a long time now and their conversations with the users over the past have made them more intelligent. 
Previously chatbots could be integrated with only a few technologies of web development but nowadays, chatbots are easily integrated into many web development architectures like JAMstack web development. JAMstack is a really powerful web development architecture due to its speed, scalability, customization, and security. Its integration with chatbot makes it the most powerful web development architecture in the current times. 
So, here are the 5 benefits of having a chatbot on your website:
1) 24-Hour Service: According to studies, over 50% of customers expect a business to be available 24/7. Customers want fast solutions these days and that is why chatbots are necessary to have someone on your website addressing the queries of your customers or visitors. You can also enable your chatbot to book a call with the customer in which an actual person can connect with the customer. 
2) Saving time and costs: A chatbot can reduce your overhead cost of adding a lead by 30%. Yes, it's that much beneficial for you. With a chatbot, you will get fewer inbound calls and it can replace some of the workforces that you might have hired for calling and response purposes. 
3) Instant Transactions: Chatbots can easily provide you data of the customers that interacted with them and they also present in a classified manner that makes it easier for you to understand the different categories of queries.
4) Patient Listeners: As compared to humans, chatbots are very patient. They will never be frustrated with user queries and their responses will always be polite. Chatbots can show the patience that no human can provide. At this point, a human-sourced consumer service problem can be resolved directly. 
5) Multi-language: Unline a customer service individual, a chatbot can speak converse in multiple languages. That helps you in making a connection with different people from different demographics. This is a very important factor behind the popularity of chatbots. 
So, you must have understood why chatbots are so important to implement in a website, and especially if you are an eCommerce website owner then you must have a chatbot because a customer will always have something unresolved. In the e-commerce industry, earlier it was tough to integrate a chatbot due to many complexities but with the introduction of headless eCommerce solutions, the task has been made easier due to the decoupled nature of headless commerce. If you want to know more about this then you may get in touch with Jamsfy, a leading headless commerce development agency that has worked in this industry for many brands.