Runescape updates are an OSRS GP excellent option to make a profit. This is the best way to get started. Anti-fire potions are likely to increase with the QBD or the new KBD drops. So you will need to purchase a lot of them.

If you own a port owned by a player, you might want to purchase planks as players might wish to learn on construction. In the new dungeon called ranged-slayer in the near future, you can invest in bolts or arrows. These are two ways to take advantage of these new features. After some experience, reading graphs can be done. It might appear to be common sense to recognize the best time to purchase and sell an item, but it may take several attempts to get it right.

I think investing is worthwhile. Investing is one of the main ways that I earn money personally. It isn't without risk if you let it be, but for the most part, the investments that are risky could be the ones that you earn the highest profit from. Yes, it does work! This is my hope.

Honestly the main reason I'd come back is because I have an account under the name "Scaper "... Also because I'm sure to get bored really soon and I'd give it a spin simply to meet everyone else's lovelies. So now you're aware of where to find training melee for f2p. Are deadly red spiders good? I'd be practicing... for defense. I'd probably also be training for attacks. Can't be bothered to train strength until I'm p2p with a chaotic maul, I think.

What kind of gear are we talking about? Rune 2h? I'm absolutely certain. I assume that I have 42 defense... to recalibrate to those who aren’t aware. Yes, I'm not good at this thing called "knowing my own stats" thing. Is range still an effective method of training defense? Is it possible to explain how the EoC is implemented in more detail? Does "afk" and "minimum attention training still be possible (although it's not very effective, I'm certain) Do I need to use capabilities to fight? Wow I feel like such an inexperienced novice.

Basically, now all "special attacks" are removed (which is the reason why a number of items crashed. For instance, dclaws changed from 13m to 500k) All weapons are tiered. For instance. Rune long has exactly the same stats as rune blade. Only dif is the atk (slash/stab) style. 2handed weps offer a 150% dmg advantage over one-handed weps. 1handed weps can now use an "off-hand" variant that allows users to "dual weild" two weps simultaneously. Dual weilding is also known as p2p, is only available using F2P.

All armour of lvl 50 comes cheap OSRS gold with the same stats and it is tied. Armour is divided into three classes: melee (mage), range (range), and melee (melee). Tier50 armour; rune, batwing and blue dhide. All have the exact same stats. There is only one difference: the classes. So a person running a guy in rune has the same damage as someone meleeing an mage. A lot of things were nerfed or buffed. Deadly red spiders gave over 200k xp/h in p2p with 90+ cmb statistics.