We also agreed that this ink is a perfect match for printers which are used for coding and thermal transfer. But you know about all type of Videojet Ink or just have any idea which type of ink you are using for your printer? Mostly people don’t have any idea about their Videojet’s ink and this is the reason we are here with our new blog. In this post, we will make your understand about the different types of Videojet Ink. 

There are some types of ink which are used in printing industry Wax Ink Markem. Below we have mentioned all the types in brief. Please manage to read the same and understand the relevant as per your requirement.

  1. Ink for Beverage Applications: An ink is used to print the packaging on beverages packed in glass or plastic containers. It is important to have the points and text clear and readable on the packaging Spare Parts Domino.
  2. Ink for Food Applications: Same as beverage industry, Food industry also use Videojet Ink to improve the quality of their content. This inks work well with on metal cans, cardboard, glass and plastic.
  3. Ink for Pharmaceutical Applications: This ink is used to pharmaceutical applications because it always provides the clear and readable text print which keeps an important value in pharma industry Make Up Hitachi.
  4. Ink for Industrial Packaging Applications: Basically Videojet ink used to print coding text and formats. This ink is very clear which makes everyone able to read and understand the codes printed on the packaging Ink Leibinger. This ink can be utilized with all type of porous and non-porous substrates.

Having knowledge about all these type of ink is very important for you if you are working in Printing industry. And now after understanding all the details about the Videojet Ink, Fam Printing is available for you with ready to jump proposal. You just need to pick the best Ink type and start your work accordingly. And, if you need any kind of help or suggestion related to the above information or you want to buy Videojet Ink for your printer then do contact with us. We are leading printer manufacturing company which offers such amazing service in very affordable rates. So, don’t hesitate now