It might even last longer than prior ones. They even mention "there's going to rs gold 2007 be some massive, long lasting ramifications to the world" which could very well mean they will change parts of the landscape and add new battlegrounds/dungeons.

Beta Changes EoC/Legacy Mashup. Interfaces have been separated combat and combat combat modes. So you can now play using Legacy interfaces or EoC combat. Also, you can play with the brand new customizable interfaces. Choose your preference in the game's settings menu.

Improved Melee 2H. Quake is now causing 219% damage to the the main target. Hurricane will now hit twice on the primary goal. Meteor Strike will now cause AoE to enemies in close proximity. Meteor Strike no longer requires an opponent to have less than 50% of their life points. An opponent will now be subject to a 1.2 second barge bind. Barge has ceased to share a cooldown of surge. Barge with no target will no longer perform surge. In a future update the barge will be modified to allow the targeting cursor.

Legacy Soul Split Healing. Legacy combat mode now comes with an ability to heal cap that allows for 2-handed Soul Split Healing. PvP-focused adjustments. Snipe Dragonbreath, Havoc and Havoc now have no disabling prayers. Basic stuns be in effect for 1.2 second. Both threshold stuns and basic stuns have a distinct cooling time. Consuming food that is not in the combat mode of non-Legacy during PvP will result in adrenaline being depleted and not cause an overall cooling down.

Although I am a bit late, I haven't been checking the Runescape 3 page as often anymore. Are there any thoughts regarding the changes? I believe that these Meteor Strike changes need to happen, but imo the only thing I'd really like to buy RS gold see is one that isn't there. Imo food shouldn't drain the adrenaline.