However, they will not do an WOW TBC Gold old-fashioned plus without getting rid of the retail. Because creating original ideas for 2 separate mmo's would be too chaotic.

People are playing different games, and it appears that they're getting revelations about TBC and the rest of the world.

Being a player in Classic WoW and then seeing the way Blizzard did to come up with honey-todo chores to keep people engaged in Burning Crusade with rep farming as well as heroic dungeon grinds to me it was confirmation that this game has been an endless cycle for more than two decades. I don't have any qualms about Activision they were all greedy and needed sub-goals.

If you're not happy with this game's formula I'm telling the player that you may not have enjoyed it, but you did like your circumstances at the time like the players who you played with, or the activity you did in the game. It's also a great strategy to play for certain players. I've discovered that I love having the blizzard treadmill occasionally, whether it's classic, Diablo, or even retail. But take it for the thing it is and not for what it's not.

They certainly designed WoW to be an MMO So it's not just a 'one off event' where players have fun only due to their friends . Whether it's a social or social activity, I am almost certain that kind of thinking was behind the creation of the game. It was 2004, and people weren't online or texting on the internet to communicate in the same way as they are today, or even 10 years ago.

Because the formula you're referring to is simple and loose It was designed to be hidden by the social interaction which at the time was quite unique. It almost always had an impact on players. It seems like they were trying to design around that extra layer of circumstances.

Truth. Sub-games can be described as a way to make money. It's a way to motivate yourself to work for long hours to keep you on path to success. This is the thing I find most amazing about ffxiv. It's made to make sure that there's minimal time spent gating, and they have clearly stated that it's acceptable to remove to content that isn't being updated and aren't slipping in the lurch. They value the time of the user way more than blizzard and understand that if they are looking to keep the subs in check, they need cheap WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold to make more good content. It's a shame that if I had the chance to play in Azeroth with square enix on the loose, I'd be a gamer all over the place.