Nintendo updated Animal Crossing: New Horizons in April, adding some cute things, such as Art galleries and Nature Days. One way players often think of is to use the resources in the game to get rich.

Animal Crossing allows players to obtain bells by selling various natural resources. The idea is to allow players to Buy Animal Crossing Bells to beautify the island. However, some game players have used this mechanism to do some suspicious things, such as insider trading around the straw market, or the entire exchange mechanism specifically used to transfer specific villagers to islands in the game. Others only have bells like Scrooge McDuck.

Animal Crossing allows players to accrue bells, by selling off various natural resources. The idea is always that you'll then use those bells to beautify your island. But some gamers are taking advantage of the in-game target to perform a little pretty shady things — including insider trading across the Stalk Market along with a whole swapping mechanism focused on moving specific villagers to in-game islands. Others are just situated on vast reserves of bells like Scrooge McDuck, having gotten there by some choice turnip selling.

I've been gaming to the better section of my entire life, and frequently my fellow gamers still find a way to surprise me. Under better circumstances, I'd ask that has the time on his or her hands to get a full-on bell kingpin in Animal Crossing, but under these circumstances that could be rather cruel. In fact, taking into consideration the state with the world, I applaud these people with the productive usage of their time — I've used the same time to be a casual player around 20 games and still have only been able to finish a couple. Clearly, I'm not one optimizing my quarantined state.

Is this planning to fix the bonkers in-game economy? Probably not — Nintendo is vying against such forces as being the Turnip Exchange and eBay sellers hawking multi-million bell packages. But Tom Nook can in fact put the squeeze on savings accounts so that it appears Nintendo is applying him to perform just that.